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Development 90%
Enthusiastic 92%
Explanatory 96%
Dynamic 97%
Sympathetic 90%
Exclusive 88%


It is important that you feel at home when you come to learn English at The English Studio. So we provide you with a range of high quality accommodation options which are all great places to study and make friends.


 We committed to providing high quality education, ensuring that all students experience rapid learning and achieve their full academic potential.


Our strategic vision is clear – select and develop the very best tutors and successfully blend traditional values with the most useful elements of modern technology for learning.


Tutors who communicate with enthusiasm make learning both interesting and enjoyable. Tutors are selected on the basis of their qualifications, which must include a first degree in their teaching subject, though many also possess postgraduate degrees.


We offers a friendly, highly professional approach to empowering learners with the knowledge, skills and employability focus to be successful in a competitive job market, or indeed to progress to degree completion.


Small classes, a diverse student body, expert tutors, guest speakers from industry and supplementary computer and academic writing classes all combine to offer a superior learning experience with outstanding student reviews.

Schools & College

Established in 1974, David Game is an independent college that aims to promote the joy of knowledge and learning while simultaneously maintaining the sharpest possible focus on the demands of the public examinations.  Our founder David Game insists on the teaching of traditional skills and on students understanding the importance of giving attention to detail.  We have an excellent track record of turning around previously underperforming students who benefit from the small classes, close monitoring system and exam-focused approach.  The College closely tracks the examination board specifications to ensure that tutors are following the current model and options and to see that all aspects of the syllabus are covered.  Homework is set regularly and students improve their examination technique through regular timed tests.
The Principal requires tutors to have a first degree in their subject and indeed, many of the staff hold doctorates and other postgraduate qualifications.  Staff retention is high and the College has a strong administrative team to support tutors and ensure that their main focus is on teaching.  With a wide range of A level subjects, we can prepare our students for whatever degree course they wish to study.

At English Studio we have been teaching English since 1997 so you can rely on us to provide the right level of tuition for your needs. We’ll help you learn English in a friendly, structured way and make sure you progress at the right pace.
We offer a 10 step learning promise to help you learn English:
1.We believe learning English should be fun. That’s why all our lessons are interactive and dynamic
2. Each week, you’ll study English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
3. You’ll also practise reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
4. We’ll tell you what you’re going to learn at the start of each class
5. We’ll always teach you English words and phrases that are useful in real life
6. We’ll give you homework several times a week and correct it
7. We’ll correct your spoken and written mistakes
8. We’ll give you regular tests on what you’ve learned
9. We’ll answer any questions you have and give you individual help
10. We’ll choose materials from lots of different books and resources to keep things interesting

The school was founded in 1973 in London. Our commitment to excellence has made us a leading English Language school, welcoming about 4000 students a year.
The main campus is in Kensington, a beautiful part of central London. We offer high quality English language programmes for adults of all ages, whether learning English for Everyday, Work or Study with activities and accommodation to make students time with us enjoyable and rewarding. We also offer programmes for families and have a summer camp for teenagers in Kensington as well.
In 2014 we opened a now thriving school in Merrion Square, central Dublin, where we offer the same range of programmes.
Frances King is part of the Business Education Group, which also includes QuestProfessional, a central London college offering business training programmes for school leavers and graduates.
Frances King is a member of Quality English and IALC. The school in London is also accredited by The British Council and The Independent Schools Inspectorate and is a member of EnglishUK. The school in Dublin is also accredited by ACELS.

Vision & Values

We want our students to be optimistic about their futures and to be prepared to push themselves to achieve the extraordinary.

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